Welcome to Effectarama!

Effectarama is the first comprehensive high quality collection of Australian sound effects to be drawn from proven professional production media, then remastered and edited to the standards required for modern digital production. In daily use in professional sound studios across Australia and the world, Effectarama is now firmly established as the standard for Australian production sound effects libraries.


Effectarama features over 8000 sounds logically arranged into more than 100 categories, ensuring fast and easy access to the sounds you need . Whether you require sounds with an obvious Australian focus, or broader more generic effects, Effectarama has you covered.

Superior Quality!

Every sound in Effectarama has been professionally recorded then carefully edited and mastered to the highest standards using top-grade production tools by leading industry experts. The result is a collection of truly useful sounds of superb audio fidelity and useability – sounds that will bring life and detail to your productions.

Great Value!

For a low once-only Licence fee users of Effectarama gain access to more than sixty hours worth of pro-quality Australian sound effects for production use in perpetuity. No ongoing costs or royalties. At around five cents per sound, Effectarama represents extremely good value for money and a truly worthwhile investment in your production future.

Permanent – No Downloads!

Effectarama is supplied on an erase-protected top-brand usb thumb drive which carries a life time guarantee. You have permanent access to the sounds whenever you need them. Effectarama is delivered to you by free postage and is supplied with fully searchable catalogues in pdf format.

For more information about the sounds in Effectarama, including catalogue listings, technical information and how to order, please explore this website.

Effectarama is The Sound Effects Library Australia Had To Have!

Effectarama box and usb