About the producer

The main producer and engineer of Effectarama is John Patterson, a leading Australian sound designer and sound effects recordist and librarian who has worked across the professional audio discipline since 1981. In that time John has worked on the sound tracks of hundreds of major Australian feature films, documentaries, television productions, museum installations & Imax films. In addition to spending thousands of hours sculpting sound in studios and editing rooms, John has recorded location sound effects professionally in a broad range of environments across Australia for many years.

Over the course of his career John has also helped create numerous important working sound effects collections for a variety of Australian sound facilities. This work culminated in him combining several major Australian analog tape based working sound effect collections with his own exhaustive collection of digital sound effect recordings to create a unique working sound effects collection of considerable size. This uber-collection forms the massive pool of sounds which Effectarama is drawn from.

His other professional experiences include more than five years working as Manager of the Audio Visual Preservation section of the National Archives of Australia, and work as a music producer and short film producer/director.

John’s work has been recognised with numerous awards, including eight Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards for Best Sound; eleven nominations and two wins for Best Sound from the Australian Film Institute; and an Australian Government Centenary medal in 2001 for Contributions to the Australian Film Industry and the Australian Film Audio industry.

John has applied his considerable skills and knowledge to every individual sound in Effectarama to ensure the collection’s fidelity and usefulness into the very long term. Every sound has been approached with care and professionalism guaranteeing that the highest standards of sonic integrity are maintained throughout Effectarama.