What kind of Licence Do I need?

Your Licence fee is a once-only payment which assigns to you the synchronisation rights for royalty-free production use of the sounds in effectarama in perpetuity.

There are two Licence types for effectarama Single User and Multi-User. You will be asked to specify which one is appropriate for your circumstances when you place your order. It is important that you select the correct Licence Type – your Licence ensures that your production usage of the sounds within effectarama is legally permitted under Australian and International copyright law. It also ensures that the synchronisation rights assigned to your use of effectarama can be legally applied and administered to the final versions of productions you work on with effectarama.

If you are unsure which Licence applies to your particular circumstances, please contact us to discuss your needs.

1) Single User Licence

A Single User Licence is applicable to customers who will be the sole user of their purchased copy of effectarama during the course of their production work. This is the Licence you will require if you are a freelance producer or sound designer, or a single-operator studio where the operator will be the only person accessing the library for production purposes.

A Single User Licence does not permit you to copy or publish effectarama (or any of its contents) to network drives, servers or portable drives which can be accessed by other users.

View the rights and conditions of the effectarama User Licence here

2) Multi-User Licence

A Multi-user Licence is applicable to customers working in environments where more than one user will be accessing the material in effectarama. Such environments include co-located or separately located multi-studio facilities within the one organisation (whether networked or not), educational facilities or single studio production facilities requiring in-house access for more than one user. You will require an additional multi-user Licence for each individual seat or user you wish to Licence. The price of the Multi-User Licence has been deliberately kept low to encourage users to Licence effectarama appropriately and effectively.

A Single User Licence can be upgraded to a Multi-User Licence, or additional users added to your existing Multi-User Licence at any time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

The conditions applicable to the Multi-User Licence are the same as those embodied in the Single User Licence, but the Licence is allocated to a greater number of users than one.



We love testimonials – testimonials mean happy customers! Read what some of our happy customers had to say here:

“I now use Effectarama as my main library. It’s a highly focused, high quality library which delivers. When I’m searching for those particular but rare effects I’m almost always delightfully surprised that it’s actually IN the library and sounds great. Effectarama is exceptional value for money, covers everything, is sensible and sounds rich. It’s the best I’ve ever used, buy this library.”

Mark Tanner, Sound Supervisor and Chief Mixer, Mark Tanner Sound, Sydney, Australia

“Effectarama is not just a comprehensive library full of the essential effects every editor needs, but also contains an unrivalled collection of uniquely Australian sounds from the outback to the city. As I’ve grown to know it over the past few years, it has continued to impress me with the variety, usefulness and usability of its content, particularly in areas where many libraries are often found wanting.”

Craig Butters, Freelance Sound Designer, Australia and UK

“At last, a quintessentially Australian sound library sourced from the archives of one of the country’s most legendary recordists. Effectarama is my go to for uniquely Australian effects but has so much more to offer. Quirky and individual, I’ve never had a library quite like it!”

Luke Mynott, Sound Designer, Sydney, Australia

“Finally, a much needed extensive Australian SFX library! – I’m already getting great results with this collection”

Chris Townend, Composer / Artist / Sound Designer, Tasmania, Australia

“This library is an immediately useful collection of Australian sounds, filling a gap inherent in overseas sound libraries. It features both vintage and modern recordings, meticulously edited and full of character, suitable for period and modern soundtracks.”

Michael Newton, Freelance Sound Editor, Sydney, Australia

“Dear John,

Just a note of thanks for your prompt service and support when I required a great SFX library for the Historical ‘The Truck Days’ Doco.

This production was mostly stills and very old footage of shearing between the 1900’s and 1960.
The SFX library had everything I needed to bring this to life.
Thanks for your support over the phone and it was well worth the investment.”

Kind Regards, Executive Producer

Ron (Dingo) Reddingius, Reddingius Media Pty Ltd
Producers of TV Programs, Doco’s and TVC’s.
Perth Western Australia.

“Effectarama is a perfect bunch of unique Australian sound effects not found anywhere else, lovingly restored and put together by a sound editor for sound editors. It’s well organised and named which makes finding the sound you need really easy.”

Liam Price, Freelance Sound Designer, Brisbane, Australia