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Effectarama is a product of Pattersonics P/L, a company registered in New South Wales, Australia. The contents of Effectarama are protected by the copyright laws of Australia. Unlicenced access to or usage of effectarama is prohibited under Australian copyright law.

Pattersonics guarantees that the thumb drive on which Effectarama is shipped is free of any viruses, malware, pop-ups, internet links or advertising. The thumb drive is protected by a ten year manufacturers warranty. In the unlikely event that the thumb drive which carries your copy of Effectarama should prove technically faulty under normal conditions of use, you will receive a replacement drive upon return of the faulty drive to Effectarama. This replacement guarantee does not apply under circumstances where the drive is technically faulty as a result of damage caused by you or your system hardware, including situations where the damage is caused by attempts to alter or remove the erase protection component of the software on the thumb drive. Please note your payment is non-refundable once Effectarama ships to you. The total liability of Pattersonics P/L with respect to any claims made in relation to or arising out of your purchase of Effectarama will not exceed the license fee paid by you for Effectarama.

Any information supplied by you to Effectarama is protected by the privacy laws of Australia and will not be distributed by Effectarama to any other party for any purpose except as required under Australian law.

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