About the recordings

The thousands of recordings in Effectarama have been selectively handpicked from a substantial accumulation of major sound effects production libraries that were recorded and collated over five decades by leading Australian audio professionals for production use on literally hundreds of major Australian film and television productions.

The sounds in Effectarama were originally captured on a range of formats including analog quarter inch audio tape, analog multitrack tape, digital audio tape, PCM and Minidisc.

Each recording has been carefully professionally edited and remastered to remove all unwanted components and extraneous noise resulting in the highest possible quality representation of the original recording. Subtle use has been made of extremely high quality Dynamic Intelligent Noise Reduction and specialist mastering software to ensure a consistency of quality across the entire library.
Minimal use has been made of compression in order to preserve the dynamic range of the original recordings as much as possible.

Logically arranged into easily accessible categories and subcategories, and supplied with fully searchable pdf catalogues, Effectarama is an indispensible production resource which has become the standard for Australian production sound
effects libraries.

Effectarama Specifications:

  • Number of audio files: 2891 (2025 Mono/866 Stereo)
  • Number of individual sounds within those audio files: 8340
  • Total running time of all sounds: 61 hours, 58 minutes
  • Size: 25.2 Gigabytes
  • Compiled and categorised into: 103 folders and subfolders
  • File format: Wav
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sample Frequency: 44.1 KHz
  • All sounds professionally mastered and edited ensuring superb audio fidelity
  • All sounds commence at digital zero and end at digital zero
  • Ships with alphabetical and literal catalogues in searchable pdf format
  • Supplied on 32gb USB 2.0 thumb drive with ten year manufacturer guarantee
  • Audio data secured by erase protection
  • Drive supplied in customised presentation tin – protecting the drive from damage or loss.


  • Handpicked from dozens of production sound libraries
  • Mastered and edited by leading industry professionals using the highest quality tools
  • Multiple takes of most sounds
  • Arranged into logical categories and subcategories for ease of use
  • Superb dynamic range and fidelity
  • All sounds fixity checked before shipping
  • No ongoing royalties – purchase price includes synchronisation rights in perpetuity
  • Supplied with fully searchable catalogues in PDF format
  • A truly useful collection sourced from important Australian feature film and television recordings at a great price
  • Next day shipping – tracked delivery worldwide included in purchase price
  • Wholly and proudly Australian made and produced

Effectarama Production Credits

Library Production Supervisor and Chief Engineer: John Patterson

Library Production Assistant: Jay Daly

Legals: Paul Lewis

Website: Ross Brewer

Uluru/Ayers Rock photo: Lisa Tiernan

Syntha Font: Ivan Filipov

Advice, Consultancy and Support: Helen Brown, Craig Butters, Gaynor Cotter, John Dennison, Penny Hall, Robert Hall, Susie Hall, Ava Nunan, Penn Robinson, Chris Townend, Tony Vaccher, Robert Werner.

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Effectarama box and usb